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Copeland Compressor


Copeland Compressor Copeland scroll technology pioneered the scroll technology for HVACR applications, since then it remains at the forefront at the industry.
Copeland scroll technology works with one scroll orbiting in a path defined by a matching fixed scroll. The fixed scroll is attached to the compressor body while the orbiting scroll is coupled to the crankshaft. The orbiting motion creates a series of gas pockets traveling between the two scrolls.

Primary Strengths

  • Superior efficiency

    With a wide speed range and part load efficiency, the Copeland scroll compressors can deliver maximum cooling and heating efficiency when required. It can improve energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using digital technology or variable speed drives.

  • Reliability

    Copeland scroll compressors have a simple design with fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance and longer service life. They also have built-in protection and fault codes for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  • Flexibility

    Copeland scroll compressors can be used for various applications, such as low, medium, and extended medium temperature refrigeration, shipping containers, sea transport, trucks, reach-in coolers, walk-in refrigerators, walk-in freezers, and ice machines

Copeland Scroll Compressor

Copeland Scroll Compressor
Copeland CompressorZB series for refrigeration ZR (VR), ZP (VR) series for A/C
ZB series medium temperature refrigeration
Model Nominal
Displacement Oil Q'ty Connection Size Locked Rotor
Rated Load
Current (RLA)
Max.Continuous Current(MCC) Motor Ver.
Suction Discharge TFD PFJ TFD PFJ TFD PFJ
ZB15KQ/E 2HP 5.9m³/hr 1.3L 3/4” 1/2” 26A 58A 4.3A 11.4A 6A 16A TFD/PFJ
ZB19KQ/E 2.5HP 6.8m³/hr 1.3L 3/4” 1/2” 32A 61A 4.3A 12.9A 6A 18A TFD/PFJ
ZB21KQ/E 3HP 8.6m³/hr 1.24L 3/4” 1/2” 40A 82A 5.7A 16.4A 8A 23A TFD/PFJ
ZB26KQ/E 3.5HP 9.9m³/hr 1.48L 3/4” 1/2” 46A 97A 7.1A 17.1A 10A 24A TFD/PFJ
ZB29KQ/E 4HP 11.4m³/hr 1.36L 7/8” 1/2” 50A 114A 7.9A 19.3A 11A 27A TFD/PFJ
ZB38KQ/E 5HP 14.4m³/hr 2.07L 7/8” 1/2” 65.5A   10A - 13.5A - TFD
ZB45KQ/E 6HP 17.1m³/hr 1.77L 7/8” 1/2” 74A - 11.5A - 16.1A - TFD
ZB48KQ/E 7HP 18.8m³/hr 1.77L 7/8” 3/4” 101A - 12.1A - 17A - TFD
ZB58KQ/E 8HP 22.0m³/hr 2.5L 1-1/8” 7/8” 95A - 16.4A - 23A - TFD
ZB66KQ/E 9HP 25.7m³/hr 3.25L 1-3/8” 7/8” 111A - 17.3A - 24.2A - TFD
ZB76KQ/E 10HP 28.8m³/hr 3.25L 1-3/8” 7/8” 118A - 20A - 26.9A - TFD
ZB88KQ/E 12HP 33.2 m³/hr 3.25L 1-3/8” 7/8” 118A - 22.1A - 31A - TFD
ZB95KQ/E 13HP 36.4m³/hr 3.3L 1-3/8” 7/8” 140A - 25A - 31A - TFD
ZB114KQ/E 15HP 43.3m³/hr 3.3L 1-3/8” 7/8” 174A - 27.9A - 38A - TFD
ZR series air conditioning for R22 / R407C / R134a
Model Nominal
Cooling Capacity
at 380-420V 50Hz 3 ph. R22
Displacement Oil Q'ty Input Power Current Motor Ver.
ZR24K3 2HP 5900W 20200 Btu/hr 34 cc/rev. 1.12L 1920W 3.5A TFD
ZR32K3 2.7HP 7740W 26500 Btu/hr 43.4 cc/rev. 1.24L 2430W 4.4A TFD
ZR36KH 3HP 8880W 30300 Btu/hr 49.5 cc/rev. 1.12L 2680W 4.7A TFD
ZR42KE 3.5HP 10250W 35000 Btu/hr 57.2 cc/rev. 1.24L 3100W 5.5A TFD
ZR48KE 4HP 11850W 40500 Btu/hr 65.5 cc/rev. 1.24L 3520W 6.2A TFD
ZR61KE 5.1 HP 14950W 51000 Btu/hr 82.6 cc/rev. 1.24L 4430W 7.9A TFD
ZR72KC 6HP 17700W 60500 Btu/hr 98.1 cc/rev. 1.77L 5200W 8.9A TFD
ZR81KC 7HP 19900W 68000 Btu/hr 107.8 cc/rev. 1.77L 5810W 10.5A TFD
ZR94KC 8HP 23300 W 79500 Btu/hr 127.2 cc/rev. 2.51L 6750W 12.5A TFD
ZR108KC 9HP 26400W 90000 Btu/hr 142.9 cc/rev. 3.25L 7550W 13.7A TFD
ZR125KC 10HP 31000W 106000 Btu/hr 167.2 cc/rev. 3.25L 9000 W 15.8A TFD
ZR144KC 12 HP 35000W 120000 Btu/hr 190.0 cc/rev. 3.25L 10100W 17.6A TFD
ZR160KC 13HP 38000 W 130000 Btu/hr 209.1 cc/rev. 3.25L 11300W 3.37A TFD
ZR190KC 15HP 45500W 155000 Btu/hr 249.2 cc/rev. 3.25L 13600W 3.34A TFD
ZP series air conditioning for R410A
Model Nominal
Cooling Capacity
at 380-420V 50Hz 3 ph. R410A
Displacement Oil Q'ty Input Power Current Motor Ver.
ZP31KSE 2.6HP 7350W 25000 Btu/hr 29.5 cc/rev. 0.74L 2590W 4.6A TFD
ZP34K5E 2.8HP 8200W 28000 Btu/hr 32.8 cc/rev. 1.24L 2830W 5.2A TFD
ZP42KUE 3.5HP 10225W 35000 Btu/hr 39.9 cc/rev. 1.24L 3300W 5.9A TFD
ZP51KUE 4.3HP 12050 W 42500 Btu/hr 47.1 cc/rev. 1.24L 3970W 7.5A TFD
ZP54KUE 4.5HP 12900 W 45000 Btu/hr 49.9 cc/rev. 1.24L 4240W 7.9A TFD
ZP61KUE 5.1 HP 15090W 51500 Btu/hr 57.2 cc/rev. 1.24L 4840W 9.2A TFD
ZP67KCE 5.6HP 16115W 55000 Btu/hr 63.0 cc/rev. 1.78L 5200W 9.1A TFD
ZP72KCE 6HP 17100W 58500 Btu/hr 67.1 cc/rev. 1.77L 5700W 9.8A TFD
ZP83KCE 7HP 19900W 68000 Btu/hr 77.2 cc/rev. 1.77L 6400W 11.7A TFD
ZP90KCE 8HP 21800W 74500 Btu/hr 84.2 cc/rev. 2.51L 6950W 12.3A TFD
ZP103KCE 9HP 25200W 86000 Btu/hr 96.4 cc/rev. 3.25L 7800W 14.4A TFD
ZP120KCE 10 HP 29300W 100000 Btu/hr 113.6 cc/rev. 3.25L 9110W 16.6A TFD
ZP137KCE 12 HP 32500W 111000 Btu/hr 127.2 cc/rev. 3.25L 10200W 18.3A TFD
ZP144KCE 12 HP 35500W 121000 Btu/hr 134.6 cc/rev. 3.25L 10800W 19.1A TFD
ZP154KCE 13HP 37000W 127000 Btu/hr 142.9 cc/rev. 3.25L 11600W 20.8A TFD
ZP192KCE 15HP 44000W 150000 Btu/hr 167.2 cc/rev. 3.25L 13500W 26.3A TFD

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