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Light Commercial & Industrial Application

Compact design is perfect for vending machine and portable freezer.

These series units with modular design with compact bases and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Options include power card, service valves, liquid receiver, filter drier and sight glass, etc.

Used for high-tech, precision applications such as photolithographic equipments, thanks to excellent operational adjustments, the condensing unit has an efficient COP, as it controls precise temperature to guarantee the accuracy and stability of high-tech equipment.

DC Mini Cooling System

The benefits of liquid chiller module include ultra small radiator and high heat flux. It is not only facilitated installation but also assures end users having excellent cooling performance. Users only need to connect liquid inlet pipe and outlet pipe to get chilled liquid they expected.

It applies for microclimate cooling system and provides extraordinary cooling capacity for laser equipment, telecom basement equipment, body cooling, racing dress, firefighter dress, EV battery, precision instrument, medical & aesthetic device.

Refrigerant gas, Compressor & Refrigeration Components

To provide the complete range of refrigeration spare parts, refrigerant gases, top quality lubricants, material, units and components, etc. for refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Customers can get truly one stop solution together with us.

Our staff will listen to our customer's needs, not just supply the products they required, but provide customized service, and feed clients requirement back immediately and urge for product or solution innovation and development.

Intelligent Electronics

Haiding intelligent electronics provide components sourse, surface-mount technology, assembly, testing and programming. Our key products and services include industrial control, communication, IOT, automobile electronics and consumer electronics, etc.

With our years of experience, Haiding has mastered production efficiency and defect-free rates, effectively lowering production costs and enhancing quality.

To meet the demand for customized products and offer customer requirements, we offer flexible, short-delivery production. We’ve combined logistics and supply management to reduce costs and material preparation risk.

Cold Storage Project

Haiding offers a wide range of technology and service solutions for the cold chain industry. These include custom-built products such as condensing units and panels suited for the local climate. We also offer value-added services such as project design and client trainning.

Our highly specialized and experienced design engineers not only ensure that cold chain projects are optimally designed, but that the correct refrigeration equipment is selected for optimum protection, efficient operation and long lifespan.

Stirling Ultra-cold Technology

The Stirling cooler operates using the Stirling Cycle, which alternately compresses and expands a fixed quantity of helium in a closed cycle. Compression happens at room temperature to discharge heat caused by the compression; the expansion happens at the cryogenic temperature the application requires.

Stirling cooler uses only natural, pure helium as the operating medium and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. It reaches -80°C in only a few minutes, maintains ±1°C stability in steady-state operation. Can be used on biopharmaceuticals and vaccines applications, chemical and energy, food and beverage industries.

Thermo-actuator Technology

Thermostatic elements (thermal actuators) are devices that generate mechanical movement, as the surrounding temperature changes. The thermally sensitive material inside those elements can be greatly expanded by rising temperatures, this produces pressure or extrusion toward a piston generating movement.

The thermostatic elements operate valves or mechanical switches in various applications such as automotive, marine, defense, aircraft, heating, fire protection, etc.