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Cold storage panels & doors

High PE foam density, easy installation. Panels and doors are coated with stainless steel (for safety) or steel sheets painted white color.

Latch & hinge

High pressure die-cast zinc body for easy use and long life

Insulation pipe

Closed-cell structure, low thermal conductivity and long-lasting protection

A/C installation bracket

Easy installation and adjustment of mounting distance, offer strong and secure support for A/C in various mounting locations

A/C installation cover

For residential and light commercial applications, UV resistant and fire resistant ABS

Air curtain

Width from 90 to 180cm

Low noise, large air flow; remote control for option

Cold Storage Lamp

Working life:>50000hr.

IP68 protection

Working ambient temperature: -40℃ to +50℃

Insulation foam tape

Superior self-adhesive foam tape for wrapping hot and cold pipes, easily cut and molded.

Size: 1/8" x 2" x 20' Roll

Insulation cork tape

Adheres firmly to all metals. Use on hot or cold pipes to stop condensation and drips.

Size: 1/8" x 2" x 20' Roll

Flexible drain pipe

Flexible and high tenacity for mini-split unit, dehumidifier, etc.

Glass wool insulation

Glass wool thermal insulation comes with aluminum foil faced, supplied in compression packed rolls.

Aluminum foil tape

Self adhesive aluminum foil tape prevents heating and cooling losses, blocks odors and moisture. Easy to handle, use for HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Non-adhesive PVC tape

Good resistance to chemicals that normally been used for the binding of cables, insulating pipes and electrical assembly for varied industrial applications.

Cloth duct tape

High tack, excellent strength, superior performance in sealing. Heavy cloth content for easier tearing and additional strength, anti-corrosive adhesion suitable to most surfaces.

PVC strip curtain

For universal use for industry and domestic installation and repairing, superior resistance to low and high temperatures.