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RFKH thermostatic expansion valve

For refrigeration application

Evap. temp.: -40℃/+10℃

Capacity: 0.7-17kW@R404A

M.O.P.: 4.6MPa

RFGD thermostatic expansion valve

For a/c, heat pump application

Evap. temp.: -40℃/+10℃

Capacity: 7-45.7kW@R404A

M.O.P.: 4.8MPa

Pressure switch

High accuracy and stable repeatability

H.P.: 3.5MPa; L.P.: 1.65MPa

Solenoid valve

Coil protection IP67

NC and NO for option

M.O.P.: 4.5MPa

Copper filter drier

Remove moisture and acid from refrigerant, also contains screen to trap foreign matter in refrigerant.

Access valve

1/4" SAE flare access fitting with copper tube below the hex. 1/4" O.D. copper tube extension is standard.

Rotalock valve

Used in compressor connections, receivers and accumulators in refrigeration systems, for charging and evacuation.

Ball valve

Forged brass body, easy flow and less pressure drop

Max. working pressure 4.5MPa

Vibration absorber tube

Stainless steel ferrule and wire braid

Brazed joint copper tube ends

Sight glass

Large full view sight glass

Max. working pressure 4.2MPa

Hermetic design, leak-proof

Hand valve

Compatible with CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants

Thermally stable hand wheel

Service valve

Strong forged brass body

Designed for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop

Filter drier

High moisture and acid removal capability

Corrosion resistant epoxy coating

Bi-flow filter drier

Includes internal check valve which allows flow and filtration in both directions.

Suction line filter drier

Dual access valves for easy pressure readings

Corrosion resistant epoxy coating

Replaceable filter drier shell

Match all 48 and 100 series filter drier cores and suction line cores


Large refrigerant storage, rotalock valve equipped

Max. working pressure 35bar

Oil separator

Stainless steel construction

Copper ODF connections

Dependable shut-off system of floating valve

Suction accumulator

Includes internal check valve which prevents compressor damage caused by liquid slugging of refrigerant and oil.

Filter drier core

High adsorption, low attrition