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Manufacturing Quality

Production is the core department of Haiding, where we manufacture reliable, innovative and energy efficient products.

To improve efficiency, production flow is divided into segments, each with strict quality control.

To meet lean manufacturing requirements, Haiding’s production line features automatic machinery and tools, responsible operators and a comprehensive management system.

We use only certified high quality components in our cooling units. All units are tested for cooling performance, security, reliability, leakage, noise, vibration, material safety and environmental protection.

Innovative Technologies

Our R&D department not only creates innovative new solutions and products, but continuously improves our current line of cooling systems.

Our experienced engineers work closely with our customers to exchange ideas and information. They use advanced software to design and optimize cooling systems, striving to engineer ever better products.

Haiding’s laboratory makes precise heat-exchange ratio calculations, matches and selects between exchangers and compressors before the pilot product is fully simulated and qualified. All test data must meet our criteria before mass production.

This rigorous development management system ensures that product performance and quality meets our customers’ high standards.